Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0

12K Service

  • Plug in and read out fault memory

  • Replace oil and filter

  • Replace pollen filter

  • Inspection of: vehicle underside for fluid leaks and rubbing and engine compartment, coolant hoses, coolant (level and antifreeze check), radiator vents for debris, air intake, brake system, brake hoses and lines (Tectly all metal ones), drive shafts and CV boots, all suspension and steering joints, tyre condition and pressures, lubricate locks and hinges, electrical equipment, horn, windscreen wiper washing system, power steering and fluid level check and lighting system (including headlights and indicators)

  • Test drive

  • Wash and vacuum

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96K Service

As 48k service with addition of:

  • Manual transmission change oil

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24K Service

As 12k service with addition of:

  • Replace air filter

  • Check drive belt

  • Replace sparkplugs

  • Check battery functional state and fluid level

  • Check and adjust handbrake

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48K Service

As 24K service with addition of:

  • Replace drive belt

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Oil & Filter Change

Oil and filter change only

  • Replace oil and filter

  • Test drive

  • Wash and vacuum

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Brake Fluid Change

  • Porsche recommend every 2 years

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