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Dave BarrSanders
A Saturation Navy Diver by trade, Dave set up this company from shear love of mechanics and Porsche models. Not setting out to make a profit, his main loyalty has always been to the car he is tinkering with. Vast knowledge and experience, no one is more subscribed to your car, and there is no one who is more excited to converse with you about your model.

Geoff O’Connor
A notable individual with 47 years’ experience working on air cooled Porsche! Geoff's first restoration was carried out on his own 912 project car, in 1978, when he was just 19 years old. In 1982 Geoff O'Connor founded Ronocco Porsche, having worked with, and for, renowned Porsche specialists and Le Mans race teams, and joined Cridfords some years later. With many Porsche specialist names under his belt, Geoff joined us in 2020, bringing his wealth of knowledge and incomparable experience with him. There is no one more trusted in the industry.

Bart Galwick

Bart has spent his career building classic bikes and has recently moved into the Porsche air-cooled arena . His skill sets are naturally suited and easily Cross over into this field. His attention to detail and meticulous manner, ensures our quality control is second to none, and all our builds go out to spec. A valuable member of our team with a cheerful nature, Bart spends his time, when he's not building bikes and Porsche engines, travelling throughout Europe.


We are an Independent Porsche Specialist located in Hampshire.

We specialise in all things Porsche. We carry out everything from general maintenance and servicing, to engine and transmission rebuilds. We cover everything from early 356s to the most exotic 991.2s.

We are just as passionate about Porsche as their owners. We care for cars as well as you do and aim to deliver a quality product and exceptional customer service.

To find out some of our history, you can peruse here 

But the real history is in the life and photos below, courtesy of our very own, Geoff O'Connor: