It goes without saying that correctly maintaining your Porsche will ensure that no scary bills suddenly appear. This is why it is important to do simple but regular maintance such as regular oil changes and keeping up to date with service recommendations. This can prevent costly engine damage and premature failure of components. We appreciate that most Porsche owners are fully aware of this and therefore we will happily keep yours healthy and up to speed for you.




Its Fair to say that there are very few people in the UK that have built a Porsche engine. Here at RSR, we have built everything from Early (and very rare) 356 quad cam engines, 2.7 RS, 2.8 RSR, 935 and even recently 996 and 997 engines.


There is no transmission or engine in the Porsche range, that we haven't rebuilt or spent time working on. For this reason you should have all confidence in the service that we provide, as there is very little that we haven't seen or delt with.

At RSR we love Reliablility and Performance. Whatever your goal, we can provide solid clear advice, based on first hand expereince and knoweldge to assist you in achieving your goal in the most cost effective way possible.


Equally we understand that for many customers, cost is an important factor. For this reason, we are happy to provide free estimates to help fulfil your needs based on your budget.


Servicing is available on all Porsche Models. Please don't hesistate to get in contact to discuss any queries or to get your car booked in to our workshop!

A question we get asked rather often is :

"How can i make my car faster?"

Wheels and suspension are paramount to getting the most out of your car.

Due to the large amounts of expereince and knowledge here at RSR, we can recommend and set up any suspension for any occasion. Whether you'd like a Track monster or a gentle sunday cruiser, we can recommend the best set up for you.

Tyres too are very important when talking about performance. Again, we can recommend and advice the best option for your inteded use.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the best options for your car. Suspension and tyres set up correctly will transform any car. That's why at RSR we recommed this being an upgrade high up on the priority list.


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