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Our Services

Engine Rebuilds

A very large portion of our workshop is dedicated to engine rebuilds and is, by far, our most subscribed product.


We build everything from pre A 356 pushrod engines to fully customised EFI air-cooled products.


Although we are passionate about detail and achieve correct finish in accordance with the OE product, we understand that some choose to pursue a custom look, as this has become popular over the years.


We take pride and ownership of our engine work, as its our flag bearer for our business.


All of our standard engine builds are covered by our 2 year or 24,000 mile warranty.

Engine Rebuild


RSR carry a full set of electronic diagnostics equipment to service all cars with OBD facilities to date.


We have both an early PIWIS1 and a comprehensive PIWIS3 to carry out electronic diagnostics on everything from a 964 C4 system to a basic service on a 992.


We are are especially good at diagnostics on early cars that require proper investigation and problem solving. We are very familiar with MFI and CIS systems including Bosch motronic Fuel control systems. We do not believe in replacing parts to solve problems. Diagnostics are just that, Finding the problem and not discovering a solution by fitting parts at the customers' expense.

RSR have all the equipment to service everything with a Porsche badge. Our fixed price service menu makes it easy to decide what best suits your budget and servicing needs.


Gearbox Rebuilds

RSR are capable of building all manual transmissions.


We have specific knowledge of 901/911/915/and g50 transmissions and have recently begun building G96/00 transmissions


We have specialist NLA tools to build your gearbox to factory standard, and upgrade for performance with LSD and aftermarket parts.

Please contact us do discuss your needs.


We vapour blast our transmission cases to clear them of media and passivate the fittings to give that factory fresh look.



We pride ourselves on getting the detail correct. Whether this is a concours restoration to factory on an early car or a custom back date build.  We are familiar with all tastes and capable of delivering in a timely manner and to the customers specific needs.


We have a small dedicated father and son team who carry out our paint work.


All our fabrication work is carried out by Tony Littlejohn, and his very experienced and renowned team, at GTR Motorsport in Andover.

Gearbox Rebuilds
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